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N.C. Workplace Fatalities Continue at Last Year's Pace

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According to a report from the North Carolina Department of Labor, called the Occupational Fatality Investigation Review, there have been 48 on-the-job deaths in the state during the 2006 fiscal year, which ends in September. In 2005, there were 72 workers who were killed while on the job in North Carolina, and there were 90 fatal work injuries in 2004.

The report details all fatal work accidents in the state, and includes such information as the number of deaths by industry type, type of accident, race of the worker, and weekday. It further analyzes worker deaths in construction accidents which make up nearly a third of all job-related deaths on the state. The Department of Labor’s website contains a wealth of information for employees and their families, includign information on how to report work site deaths and injuries involving multiple employees.