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Law Gone to the Dogs

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Our firm fields calls everyday from injury victims as well as concerned citizens about “dangerous dogs”.  Most jurisdictions have laws which regulate dogs that have been classified as “dangerous”.  The problem is local officials often do nothing to enforce these laws. 


The result is dogs that attack, bite and injure are often returned to the owner for the same nightmare to occur time after time to others.  In recent years dog attacks have received increased media attention.  Often public scrutiny can put pressure on localities to enforce laws designed to protect the public.


If you are concerned about your public safety you need to make sure any and all incidents involving aggressive dogs are reported to the local animal control authorities.  This includes dog on dog attacks, dog attacks that do not produce injury and even loose or unattended dogs.  In addition if an injury does occur from a dog attack, consult with an attorney to see if you have legal rights that need protecting.