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Greg Jones

2 NC judges nominated to fill vacancies on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

President Obama has nominated two North Carolina judges to fill vacancies on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Wednesday, Obama nominated Judges Albert Diaz and James Wynn to fill…

Greg Jones

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Better Believe! or Country Crock is full of Crock

Several consumers filed a class action against manufacturer Unilever U.S. Inc. accusing the maker of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and Country Crock brands of cholesterol-free margarines of…

Greg Jones

Fosamax Trial ends in Mistrial

The first trial over Merck & Co. Inc.’s osteoporosis drug Fosamax has ended in a mistrial Friday after the jury told the court it was deadlocked and unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Greg Jones

Stevens Johnson Syndrome caused by NSAIDS

NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) reduce pain and inflammation in patients suffering from ailments such as arthritis and menstrual pain. Standard NSAIDS are pills such as aspirin and…

Michael Chandler

Spark Ignites Boat Explosion on Lake Norman

A preliminary investigation has revealed a spark ignited gas vapors causing the explosion of an 80 foot charter yacht following a graduation party on Monday. The investigation is still underway by…

Michael Chandler

Was Negligence the Cause of a Boat Explosion on Lake Norman?

It was just after 4:00 on a sunny Tuesday afternoon on Lake Norman just north of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Champion II, an 80 foot party yacht had just been docked following a graduation party…

Michael Chandler

Law Gone to the Dogs

Our firm fields calls everyday from injury victims as well as concerned citizens about “dangerous dogs”. Most jurisdictions have laws which regulate dogs that have been classified as “dangerous”….

Michael Chandler

'An Insurance Company's Dream'

The title of this article is how a Winston-Salem; North Carolina personal injury attorney describes the archaic law of contributory negligence. The comment arises in a Winston-Salem Journal article describing the injustice to 7-year-old Luly Beckles-Palomares who was riding her bike in a quiet residential neighborhood when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver who had already beaten 3…

Michael Chandler

North Carolina High Court Issues Ruling to Protect Consumers

The North Carolina Supreme Court decided an important case in favor of North Carolina consumers earlier today. In the case of Tillman v. Commercial Credit Loans, et. al., the Court determined an arbitration clause in a consumer loan agreement was unconscionable; paving the way for the plaintiff and others like her to bring their claims in court. In reaching its decision, the Court determined…

Shannon Weidemann

Man Sues Railway Company for Personal Injury

A worker for Kansas City Southern Railway is suing the company for personal injury and slander after he was hurt on the job and then belittled in front of coworkers. The work accident happened in June of this year. Armed with the Federal Employer Liability Act, Smith is suing KCS Railway for keeping an “old” and “poorly maintained” ballast car with “hard to open” doors in service and Adcock…